Papers & Projects

Updated November 2017



  • Bassett, N. (2017) “Papers Please: A Media Archaeology of Identity Documents.” Studia UBB Philosophia (forthcoming).
  • Bassett, N. (2017) Communication and Media Studies: La Forge’s VISOR and the Pictures in Our Heads. In Rabitsch, S., Gabriel, M., Elmenreich, W., Brown, N.A,. (Eds.) Set Phasers to Teach! Springer (forthcoming)
  • Bassett, N. (2017) Conscientious Hacking and the Weak Collective In Schrock, A. & Hunsinger, J. (Eds.) Making Our World: Hacker and Maker Movements in Context New York: Peter Lang (forthcoming)

Published works

  • Bassett, N., Archer, J. (2017) ““Enjoy Your Feeling:” A Media Archeology of Material Publics” Communication and the Public 2(3). 239 – 252.
  • Bassett, N. ““Homo Sapiens Only”: Star Trek and the Unhuman” and “Secret Languages and Sacred Tongues: A Rough History of an Idea and it’s Influence” in Booth, P., Menichiello, I. (Ed.) Time Lords & Tribbles, Winchesters & Muggles.
  • Bassett, N. (2015) “Misusing the Master’s Tools: Exploring the Capacity to Break from Prescriptive Use” The Torist (1) http://toristinkirir4xj.onion/

Conference papers/presentations:

  • Bassett, N (2017) Confidante Games: Spanish Prisoners, Nigerian Princes, Counterfeits and Lockpicking. Presented at Society for the Social Study of Science, Boston MA. August 30-September 3.
  • Bassett, N., Archer, J. (2017). Security in the Anthropocene: The Peripheries of Order. Organized Panel at 4S Conference In Boston, MA, August 30-September 3
  • Bassett, N. (2017) “Secret Languages and Sacred Tongues: A Rough History of an Idea and it’s Influence” Presented at DePaul Pop Culture Conference, Chicago Il.
  • “A Sound of Thunder”: Technology, Silence, and Non-Humans in the Anthropocene. American Studies Graduate Student Conference, Perdue 2017
  • Bassett, N. (2016) “Star Trek and the Unhuman” Presented at DePaul Pop Culture Conference, Chicago Il
  • Bassett, N. (2015) “Body and Control: Discourse and Dispositives of Use and Refusal in Science Fiction” Presented at Cultural Studies Association, Riverside, CA
  • Bassett, N. (2013) “The Private and the Public: Identity and Politics in Virtual Space.” Presented at MiT8 Conference, Cambridge, MA.
  • Bassett, N. and Kim, D. (2013) “Recursive Identities in Sociopolitical Movements: A Case Study of Hackathons” Presented at Critical Themes in Media Studies Conference, New York, New York.
  • Bassett, N., Archer, J., Snyder, P. (2016). “Carnival of Privacy Delights” Presented at the Association of Internet Researchers, Berlin, Germany
    – Bassett. N. “Chicago Dibs: Appropriate Technology and Sharing vs Solidarity Solutions” Presented at MidweSTS, Chicago, Il
  • Co-Presenter: Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Paper Tiger Television: Designs For a Rrradical New Media event, February 24, 2012





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