Reintegrate Video Series

I forgot to post earlier, my work with the Arts Council of Greater New Haven is wrapping up with the Festival of Arts and Ideas. Over the past few months I’ve been visiting with teams who have these grants for Reintegrate and learning about their work, their projects and plans for the future. All of the videos are done now and the only thing left is a compilation DVD I’m putting together to go with a booklet the Arts Council is producing. The videos are hosted online the Arts Council’s youtube, check them out! I’ve also linked them below. Continue reading


This is just a quick post to say I’ll be presenting at MiT8 on Sunday – I’ve been retooling my work and gearing up for my second conference and I’m excited to talk about the theory side of my work! Here’s my latest abstract:

When we think about identity, the medium through which we express, articulate and define that concept plays heavily into how it is understood. As society uses new mediums, that mediation becomes remediation, and consequently redefinition. As the public sphere has become more ” identity research has shifted focus to collective issues. This is due to concerns regarding group agency and politics, the means by which those definitions are created and maintained, and the freedom from physical proxemics due to new communications technologies. Those developments foreshadowed the mainstream embrace of new media and social networks. The condition of virtual identity and community is now experience by a large public, interacting and existing through digital media. But how does that change the way we shape the community, and how it shapes us? Issues of the individual and the collective provide challenges to internet users and scholars alike. This work explores those issues, namely the question of how we resolve the online public sphere (or spheres) with our personal identities, and how we collaboratively construct recursive publics. 

Apparently the latest draft is also already up on the website. I’ll be presenting Sunday morning as part of a panel on “Media Spheres” – the invitation was an honor because there are a lot of really great and interesting scholars I hope to meet! Obviously I’ll be tweeting from @mrliterati, feel free to reach out if you’re there as well!

Photography Exercise: Fungi In The Woods

For my Media Practices class, we’re experimenting with light in production – as a very simple introduction to working with color in film or photography, we were assigned to go out and take at least 50 photographs to illustrate an aspect of light described in Herbert Zettle’s Sight Sound Motion: Applied Media Aesthetics.  I was able to borrow my sister’s Cannon Rebel XSi (inferior to the 7D’s available through The New School’s equipment center) and spent the afternoon avoiding intermittent showers in the woods. I’ve always enjoyed walking in the forest, and rainy fall afternoons are one of my favorite times.

In these photos, I had the advantage of the texture of what I was shooting, the natural light and overcast sky, and a nice variety of colors and detail to work with. Since our first exercise in class dealt with high contrast lighting (and since I didn’t have the same equipment for this assignment) I followed Zetttle’s suggestion that flat lighting exercises follow chiaroscuro, high contrast ones (p.44). I also underexposed most of these intentionally, because the colors “popped” better that way. These aren’t very good at all, especially compared to some of the work of my classmates who are professional photographers, but I did like the color energy and the harmony in some of these pictures. It’s surprising how colorful an otherwise grey and green day in the woods can be.