Nathanael Bassett September, 2019
Mr Literati is the work of Nathanael Edward Bassett. A graduate of the Media Studies Program at the New School, he is now a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago and an adjunct faculty member at DePaul University.

His experience includes working as an artist/instructor at Youth Rights Media in New Haven, Connecticut, freelance videography, social media outreach for Democracy Now! and Captured Times Productions, working with Missouri State University Relations as a New Media Specialist, and multimedia production for Rare Breed Youth Services.

His work currently focuses on understanding non-use and refusal of technology, as well as materiality and non-human agency. His research interests include media archaeology, philosophy and history of technology, environmental studies, and the role of “natural” ecology in relation to media and technology.


general contact: nathanael dot bassett at gmail dot com

depaul: nbassett at depaul dot edu

uic: nbasse2 at uic dot edu