Chapter on Embodiment with Jason Archer

Hi all,

I recently co-wrote a chapter with Jason Edward Archer on the concept of embodiment and how it applies in communication studies. It will be published as the following:

Archer, J. & Bassett, N. (forthcoming) “Embodiment.” In. Filimowicz, M, & Tzankova, V. (Eds.) Reimagining Communication: Experience. New York: Peter Lang

Here’s a post about it at Michael Filimowicz’s site:

Jason Edward Archer and Nathanael Bassett’s ‘Re-Imagining Embodiment in Communication’ pursue the concept of embodiment in its use in various disciplines and its application to communication studies. They distinguish two strands of this discourse, which they call embodied communication and embodiment in communication, and suggest ways to integrate the two strands to better explicate new media technologies.

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