Preserving Our Junk Culture bzzzt

On the heels of my last post about retaining critical theory with digital applications to the humanities, I saw this pretty interesting thing:

The Long Now Foundation is a group that is concerned with the idea of digital obsolescence.  The thought of our everyday culture being lost though, is a little amusing—

ATTN: In writing this post, I accidentally refreshed all my safari tabs and lost two hours worth of work. I was going to post something really snarky referencing the way we perceive time, Adam Frank’s thoughts on transit of Venus, the tyranny of permanence, typographic culture and Neil Postman’s citing of Michael Welfare’s unintentional attack on the epistemology of the written word, eschatology in modern times and the fear of a digital dark age, and how myth is a form of memory we don’t need digital technology or analog objects for.

Unfortunately all that was lost, and now I’m a bit frustrated. Which is ironic considering the subject matter. But perhaps all that thought being lost proves my point, more than a few thousand words most people won’t remember.


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