Important Terms For Humans Everywhere

…or at least, the ones studying media, culture, society, that sort of thing.

hypomnesis: “recollection through externalized memory”

mnemotechniques: “the artificial storage of individual memories that characterizes hyomnesis from ideogrammatic writing to the print revolution”

mnemotechnologies: “the embedding of memories within technological systems that systematically order memories according to their own logics,” “technology that systematically orders memories”

Grammatization: “the history of exeriorization of memory in all its forms: nervous and cerebral memory, first linguistic, then auditory and visual; bodily and muscular memory; biogenic memory

transindividuation: the process of individuation as a phase in the processes of others undergoing individuation with the influence of technics (Gilbert Simondon).

hyperindustrialization: “the generalization of a mnemotechnological reproducibility of the motor behavior of consumers”

Now my only question is why weren’t these words on the GRE?

Stiegler, Bernard. 2010. Memory. In Critical Terms For Media Studies, 65-87. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press.

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