Working with DSLR and Adobe Premiere Pro

I’m doing prep work on a final project for my practices class, in which I’m planning to shoot a conceptual/experimental video about systemic collapse, using transportation as a metaphor. For me to use my school’s equipment, I’ll have to travel into the city, bring the equipment back, do my shoot, and bring it back – all within a four day window. Because I’d really like some more flexibility, I’ll be borrowing a family member’s Cannon T2i. I don’t have much experience shooting with DSLRs, but I was curious about how it would interface with Adobe Premiere Pro, especially since I’m largely unfamiliar with the program (I’m more used to Final Cut Pro).

I was fortunate enough to find the following video, which is very illuminating and proves the flexibility of Premiere.

One of the advantages of FCP is that its easy to work with multiple sources of video – but the Mercury Playback Engine enables the same importing, especially in the abilities designed for DSLRs as discussed in the video. I’m a little more optimistic about my project after learning this.

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